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Welcome to Hong Kong's first exclusive community for hospitality.

SOCK Hospitality

What do you get?


Welcome In
Participating member venues can attract a targeted, hospitality focused audience to their venues during quiet off-peak times, adding additional revenue to their books.

Give Back
Offering attractive offers and competitive deals, member venues can give back to an industry that desperately needs rewarded, nurtured and developed; helping to restore hospitality as an attractive career choice.

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A Little More

Develop Talent
Dining out at a multitude of restaurants and bars (at a discount), offers invaluable experiential training opportunities for the member venues’ staff; helping them to improve and develop their own skills; raising the standards of hospitality across the industry.

Attract Talent
By welcoming hospitality talent into their venues, member venues will have unrivalled opportunity to meet hospitality professionals and attract applications for open positions.

Deals Redeemed


Fill those quiet services with like minded individuals, passionate for the culinary arts, who live and breath the industry.

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Benefit the F&B Community

Reward yourself and the people who work in the industry by offering your venues as a home for those staff members that are off during your quieter days, on a Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.

Discounts is a word that is flying around a lot these days, but you can’t help feel that it is hurting the branding of your venue and loyalty of your day to day customers. With SOCK’s industry only collective, the members are discrete, respectful of their peers, and generally know the market value.

Contact Incentivise your team

Recognise their efforts in the community by giving a Discount of Food, Beverage, Wine, All Drinks, or the Whole Bill if you’re feeling generous.

Imagine bringing “Industry Night” to Hong Kong and your venue being at the heart of it.

Is it free?